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Time Sensitive NCSG Certifications Call to Action
Respond by November 16, 2022 

At NCSG, it is part of our duty as a Guild to inform our members and certification holders of changes and updates in policies surrounding the industry.

We are asking for your participation to help pass an update to the following standard for UL 1390:

UL 1390 Standard for Fireplace Inserts; Hearth - Mounted Stoves for Installation into Masonry Fireplaces draft page 47, section 10.1.7 reads:

  • 10.1.7 The instructions shall include:
    a) Any limitations with respect to installation and minimum installation clearances to all
    parts of the fireplace and chimney system, including the attachment of support
    members, and the joining of two or more parts to constitute a safe assembly;
    c) “It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that this appliance is only installed by an installer
    certified by”:
         1) In Canada: “WETT or equivalent”; or
         2) In United States: “NFI, CSIA, Fire Certification, or equivalent.”

NCSG CCP, CCR, CMCT are not currently included in this and we need them to be, especially now since we will soon be the only accredited certification program in the industry.

Follow These Next Steps

  1. Email Isabella Brodzinski at [email protected] by end of day November 16, 2022 to request inclusion of an installer certified by NCSG in the UL 1390 standard. 
  2. Label Subject: Request for UL 1390 standard change.
  3. Copy and Paste into Email:
    • Change Request to Clause Number: 10.1.7.c.2
    • Justification:
      • In October 2022, the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) submitted its preliminary application to ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The final application to earn national accreditation for its certification programs is in progress. Subject matter experts developed an exam blueprint that is relevant, valid & concise which is a key component of becoming accredited. This will make NCSG’s certifications the only accredited certification program in the industry.
      • NCSG has 984 certification holders and they frequently install fireplace inserts and hearth mounted stoves in masonry fireplaces.
      • NCSG is a community of professionals that promote the highest level of safety, integrity and skill when serving homeowners.
      • NCSG is a leader in providing education to venting professionals. The 2022 convention was attended by over 800 professionals to improve their knowledge. NCSG provides hands-on training as well.
    • Suggested Revision:  Add National Chimney Sweep Guild certifications (NCSG Certified Chimney Professional, NCSG Certified Chimney Reliner, and NCSG Certified Master Chimney Technician) to clause number 10.1.7.c.2 ULC Standard.
  4. Sign the email with your name, organization and any NCSG certifications you hold.
  5. Email a copy of your comments to [email protected] after you email Isabella at UL.
  6. Email Debbie Wiedwald, NCSG Advocacy chair, at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to view the UL 1390 in its entirety.
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