Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I join NCSG?

The NCSG provides a combination of services to assist in the growth and success of your company. Benefits include technical support, sources for networking with your peers and access to industry-leading education and training. Without your continued support as a member of the Guild, the NCSG would not have the resources available to continue in their efforts of providing the services and support to promote the trade. 

Are member benefits available to all employees of the company?

Yes, when you join NCSG, your company becomes a member of the Guild and benefits extend to all employees.

Do I have to sign the Code of Ethics every year?

When you first join NCSG you are required to acknowledge and agree to the NCSG Code of Ethics. When you renew your membership without lapse, you do not need to sign the acknowledgment again unless there is a change to the Code of Ethics.

My company only inspects chimneys, we don’t sweep. What membership category applies?

Your company would be a Voting member company.

I own a home inspection company and want to get in on these benefits! What membership category applies?

You would be considered an Affiliate Member. This is a non-voting category for companies outside the industry.

Who is entitled to vote in Guild elections?

Designated representatives from Voting (chimney service) and a Dual (chimney service/supplier company) member companies each have one (1) vote in NCSG elections.

Is membership on a calendar year (January – December)?

No, Guild membership year runs September 28- September 27 of the next year.

Is there a payment plan for membership dues?

Yes, there are monthly or annual payment plans available. If paid on a monthly payment plan, arrangements must be made to pay by credit card. There is a fee of $3 per payment processed.

How do I qualify for Retired membership and what is the advantage of remaining a member after retiring?

A retired sweep company owner must have ten (10) years of continuous membership to qualify. As a retired member, you will be a non-voting member but will receive all the benefits of regular membership.