NCSG Trademark Use Guidelines for National Chimney Sweep Guild Member Trademark

The National Chimney Sweep Guild Member trademark is a federally registered service mark of the National Chimney Guild and is reserved for use solely by those authorized by the National Chimney Sweep Guild. The National Chimney Sweep Guild reserves the right to revoke membership and/or the right to use the trademark and the term, Member National Chimney Sweep Guild, when, after due process, it is determined that the member is not using the trademark in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. 

Membership in the National Chimney Sweep Guild gives you an edge in the business world. As a member of the industry's only professional organization, your company projects reliability, security and credibility. And when consumers decide to bring service people into their homes, they look for credentials that reflect those qualities. 
The NCSG Member logo is the symbol of the dedication and commitment to Guild standards, including the Code of Ethics that all members must sign. In order to protect the value and meaning of that symbol, the trademark must be used according to the guidelines set forth below. 

A. Eligibility

1. Only National Chimney Sweep Guild members who have paid dues for the current year and signed the NCSG code of ethics may use the NCSG Member trademark.

2. NCSG members who do not renew their membership before the expiration date must remove the trademark and any reference to NCSG membership from any and all promotional materials including stationery, advertising, vehicles, business forms, electronic media and other similar materials. 

B. Promotional Materials

1. The NCSG Members trademark may be used by members on materials promoting their chimney service company to identify an individual chimney sweep company or related industry firm as a member of the Guild for business purposes only. Promotional materials include stationery, advertising and marketing pieces, vehicles, business signs, publications, business forms, shipping documents and similar materials. 

2. Members may use the trademark, consistent with the restrictions in this document, to promote their chimney services on Internet home pages or other advertising vehicles available through the electronic media. 

C. Changes or Alterations 

1. The trademark must be used exactly as it appears on trademark sheets provided by the Guild. It cannot be changed or altered, other than to be enlarged or reduced in overall size. The proportional relationship between the graphic element (the chimney sweep with an umbrella) and the words, "National Chimney Sweep Guild Proud Member," may not be changed. That means you may not use a larger chimney sweep with umbrella image from one trademark sheet in combination with a smaller or larger typesetting of the words, "National Chimney Sweep Guild Proud Member." The trademark must always be used in its complete form, which includes both the graphic element and the words, in the proportion presented on the Guild-provided trademark sheets. 

2. The NCSG member trademark may not be used as your business trademark, nor may it be or incorporated into your business trademark or seal. 

3. The trademark may not be the dominant, or largest, element in your promotional materials. It may not occupy more than 10 percent of the total advertising space on Yellow Page or other advertising, billboards, letterhead, business cards, trucks, etc. 

4. When the trademark is used in print, it must be accompanied by the registered service mark symbol

Product Identification

The trademark may not be used for product identification purposes without specific written approval by the NCSG Board of Directors. 

NCSG does not authorize use of the trademark to promote, or in connection with, any service apart from the chimney sweep services offered by the NCSG member company, nor does it authorize its use to promote or identify any product, including use of the trademark on any product packaging, labeling, advertising, or promotion. 
The trademark may not be incorporated into other designs, trademarks, seals or badges. 

Electronic Transmission

The trademark may not be transmitted over the Internet or other electronic media for purposes other than to promote the chimney sweep services offered by the NCSG member company. If you have any questions about the correct use of the National Chimney Sweep Guild trademark, write or call the NCSG office for guidance or clarification. 

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