CSR 360°

About CSR 360° 

CSR 360° is a two-day, comprehensive track for customer service representatives produced by the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). The CSR 360° class is an investment into a portion of your business that can really boost your company's effectiveness and reputation within your community. 

The content of the CSR 360° training is a main component – but the interactive portions and the dialog between the class members really helps to build the toolbox of your customer service representatives into something impressive.

This class is a deep dive into the customer experience, the 8 most important CSR skills, the soft skills, the 4 types of customers and how to book them, the systems and processes every office must have, how to write a job description, how to write a SOP, the importance of documentation, problem solving, phone skills and phone scripts, active listening, how to disagree with your boss, Parsons Law, dealing with an angry customer, utilizing your CRM, online reviews, case scenarios, knowing your personality, and MUCH more!

The NCSG offers a variety of in-person and virtual CSR 360° classes throughout the year. Members and non-members are all invited to attend. All attendees need an account to register. If you are a new user or non-member, follow the prompts for "new user" to create an account to register.

A syllabus will be sent prior to each class. 

Upcoming CSR 360° Classes