Serve the Guild

Expand your leadership skills and support your fellow members by joining an NCSG committee. Here you can learn about the functions of each committee and get started by completing the form below.

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Debbie Wiedwald | Meetings: Monthly

The NCSG Advocacy Committee organizes grassroots policy monitoring to identify regulatory issues and organize responses that create a favorable operating environment for chimney sweeps. This committee also monitors codes and standards by holding a seat on NFPA 31, 54 and 211. International relations representation of the European Federation of Chimney Sweeps (ESCHFOE).

Certification Committee

Chair: Steve Sobzcak | Meetings: Monthly

The NCSG Certification Committee is responsible for the management and accreditation of NCSG certification programs and exams. This team is distinct and separate from the Education Committee, and focuses on exam development, integrity and delivery, as well as awarding CEUs.

Education Committee

Chair: David Steward | Meetings: Monthly

The NCSG Education Committee is responsible for the educational direction of the Guild and training for chimney sweeps. This includes pathways to gaining the skills and knowledge necessary for NCSG certifications, Hands-on Training (HOT) and the education opportunities at the NCSG Convention and Chimney Expo.

Events Committee

Chair: Doug Rivas | Meetings: Monthly

The NCSG Events Committee supports NCSG Staff with the planning of the NCSG Convention and Chimney Expo. Volunteers not only plan the experience and theme, they are also intimately involved in the event onsite team.

Membership Committee

Chair: Michaele Dempsey | Meetings: Monthly

The NCSG Membership Committee is responsible for member engagement and recruitment. The committee also maintains member benefits.