Certified Chimney Programs

NCSG maintains the premier education and certification programs in the chimney and venting industry. Currently being accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), NCSG certification holders represent the highest standard of chimney professionals.

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Why is ANSI Accreditation Important?

ANSI accreditation involves a review of the submitted material and a site visit to ensure that compliance with the requirements. Due to a high degree of integrity and confidence that is associated with ANSI accreditation process, ANSI accreditation is generally recognized as the highest standard in personnel certification accreditation.

In short, becoming ANSI accredited means that the Certified Chimney Professional, Certified Chimney Journeyman and Certified Chimney Reliner certifications meet the highest standards in the industry. This provides an added level of confidence in the certification and the people who hold the certification and protects the integrity of the NCSG. In today’s transparent environment, NCSG is committed to fair and impartial management of all certification programs.

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Level: Early Career
Content: Foundational Knowledge of the Chimney Trade
Accreditation: ANSI —  Anticipated 2022

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Level: Early Career
Content: Comprehensive Chimney Relining — Only Certification in U.S.
Accreditation: ANSI —  Anticipated 2022

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 NEW! Coming 2022


Level: Advanced Career
Content: Advanced Technical Knowledge for Team Leaders in the Feild
Accreditation: ANSI —  Anticipated 2022

Level: Master Tradesman
Content: The Highest Designation Among Chimney Professionals
Accreditation: None

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