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It is the mission of the NCSG to promote the success of its members by providing progressive services, encouraging professionalism and ethical accountability, and advancing the chimney and venting industry through public awareness of the trade.

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In Memoriam


Here the memory of all those who in some way served as part of our history will be honored as we memorialize our industry’s teachers, inventors, volunteers and friends. This page is intended for us, members of the chimney service trade, to take pause in union for a common purpose.  These, are just some of the many who have served in private businesses or with state and national guilds during their time with us. This is their place of reflection, to be honored as part of one family, whether they have served as chimney sweeps or within related fields in support of the chimney sweep trade. We have no fences here as we reflect on members of our departed sweep family. As this is a memorial to all of our departed brothers and sisters so that they are never forgotten; our history shall remain intact. As they should be remembered by both new and old, always should we take pause and give humble thanks, as kindred souls and let no man put asunder.

Please send information and photos of sweeps and friends of the sweep community who have passed to for inclusion on this page. Last updated /21/13

In Memoriam    
     Jim Cochran of Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps in  Frederick, MD b. 1948, d. April 2012.    
     Peter "Mr. Chimney" Pilat of Mr. Chimney in New Bedford, MA b. July 17, 1950 d. July 2, 2012    
  Steve Blackburn of Blackburn's Chimney Sweeps, Inc. in Columbus, OH d. July 25, 2011
Paul Anderson of Bless Your Hearth, Inc. in Ocala, FL d. June 9, 2011

Lloyd Green, co-founder of Heat-fab, Inc., born May 6, 1935, died May 7, 2011


Norman Lenz of Chim-Craft in Canada b. May 9, 1928 d. February 10, 2011.
   Jesse All of Black Hat Chimney Sweeps in Martinsville, Virginia. June 17, 2011
pixley Jack Pixley of Jack Pixley Sweeps in Andover, MN b. October 4, 1944 d. December 30, 2010


James Munroe of Ash Wipers in Avon, IN b. April 3, 1931 d. December 21, 2010
 PhotoNotAvailable_M  Dennis Arseneau of The Original Chimney Sweep, Inc. d. December 16, 2010.


S. Bert Rennels of Mary Poppins Chimney Sweep in Oklahoma City, OK d. October 27, 2010


Donna Wiles of U.S. Fireplace Products, Inc. in Kennesaw, GA d. October 15, 2010
DPomeroy Dave Pomeroy of Dave Pomeroy Signature Training, Inc. in Wayland, IA b. March 8, 1950, d. September 2, 2010
 buffone Richard Buffone of Mt. Wachusett Chimney Sweep in Jefferson, MA d. August 14, 2010
 luter Pete Luter of  Countryside Chimney Sweep in  Roanoke Rapids, NC b. April 25, 1941 d. March 19, 2010
 PhotoNotAvailable_M Jody Young of Brick Doctor in Kansas City, KS d. March 10, 2010


David Cenan of Early Times Home Solutions in Elmhurst, IL b. April 29, 1967 d. March 8, 2010
PhotoNotAvailable_M Chris Overacker of Rooftop Chimney Sweeps in Ilion, NY d. December 15, 2009
 PhotoNotAvailable_M Frank Marsh of 1st State Chimney Sweep in Milford, DE d. July 5, 2009
 PhotoNotAvailable_M Michael McFarland of Air-Pro, Air Ducts & Chimney Cleaning in Bloomington, MN d. June 8, 2009

Ira Fraser of Flue Shine Sweep In Derry, NH d.January 23, 2009
John Ryan of Ryan Brothers Chimney Sweeping in Sacramento, CA b.  January 2, 1948 d. October 14, 2008
PhotoNotAvailable_M James (Jim) Scott of The Handy Sweep, LLC in Conover, WI d. October 1, 2008
PhotoNotAvailable_M Trevor Houlahan of Clean Sweep Chimney Service in Buffalo, NY d. April 11, 2008


Jakab (Jappie) Wijma d. February 24, 2008
PhotoNotAvailable_M Kevin S. Slater of Chimney Sweeps of Sherwood Forest Inc. in Mount Airy, MD d. February 22, 2008
PhotoNotAvailable_M Shawn Simboli of Adirondack Chimney Company, Inc In Middle Grove, NY d. February 24, 2008

Bob Furyk of Ye Old Chimney Sweep in Barrie, Ontario b. August 21, 1943, d. January 15, 2008


Alvin Palmer of Ye Chimney Sweep in Irmo, SC d. December 25, 2007
PhotoNotAvailable_M Harmon Droge of Ye Olde Boston Chimney Sweep in Boston, MA d. July 24, 2007
PhotoNotAvailable_M Dan Wheeler of Sebastopol, CA d. June 1, 2007
Gerry Egleston of Chimney Trooper in Downsville, NY d. March 13, 2007
PhotoNotAvailable_M Christopher J. Brown of Beyond the Hearth, Inc in Salem, MA d. December 5, 2006


James Smith of The Soot Busters in E. Stroudsburg, PA d. August 4, 2006
PhotoNotAvailable_M John Ryan of Sand Hill Wholesale Inc in Columbus, OH d. June 4, 2006
 PhotoNotAvailable_M Timothy "Scott" Lang of Chillman Chimney Sweep in Barrie, Ontario d.March 30, 2006
PhotoNotAvailable_M Debbie Dove of Chim Chimney Sweep In Evanston, IL d. March 28, 2006


Ray Fraser of Alpine Chimney Sweep Co. in Omaha, NE d. March 27, 2006
PhotoNotAvailable_M Ken Nelson of Hayward, CA d. March 9, 2006
PhotoNotAvailable_M Dale Meisinger Jr. of Dale JR Chimney Sweep in North Augusta, SC d. March 6, 2006
PhotoNotAvailable_M Mike Little d. June 27, 2005


 Harry Elder of Ely Stokes Master Chimney Sweep in Indianapolis, IN d. February 24, 2005
  Lucky Dale Meisinger of Lucky Dale Chimney Sweeps in North Augusta, SC d. December 1, 2004
PhotoNotAvailable_M Jim Hartlley of C C & Company Chimney & Venting in Buhl, AL d. May 4, 2004
PhotoNotAvailable_M Paul Skarin of Combustion Improvers Co Inc. in Newport, NH d. May 28, 2003

Joseph Tremblay of Chimney Sweeps of America, Lebanon, IN d. December 20, 2003

PhotoNotAvailable_M Steven Callison of A Sweeping Success in Cypress, CA d. December 16, 2002
MarkStevens Mark S. Stevens of Mark S. Stevens Industries, Inc., Salem, Oregon, died Feb. 21, 2001
PhotoNotAvailable_M Marty Cairns of Thistle and Bristle Chimney Service in Meriden, CT b. 1962 d. 2000
PhotoNotAvailable_M Pete Wuchina of Keystone Chimney Sweep Co. in New Derry, PA d. March 1, 2000

    Eric Lamont of Eric's Chimney Service in Minnesota d. August 1, 1998